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Subject:Re: Torchwood Radio Plays - update
Posted by:userFoo
Posted at:08:59:27pm 15/06/2009
In reply to:Re: Torchwood Radio Plays - update - usertheotherdave (09:57:28am 14/06/2009)

Hey, thanks for posting that. All sounds quite interesting!

: Saw this on annother site:
: Courtesy of DigiGuide (apparently)
: Wednesday 1st July 2009 BBC Radio 4 14:15 to 15:00
: Afternoon Play: Torchwood – Asylum
: by Anita Sullivan.
: When PC Andy arrests a teenager for shoplifting, he thinks
: it is going to be a routine case. Then he sees the weapon
: she is carrying and decides to call in the Torchwood team.
: Under questioning from Gwen, the girl remembers her name
: but little else, and when she speaks it is in a strange
: mix of English and Scandinavian, but with a Cardiff
: accent. Then the girl's blood tests come through and the
: team is faced with a dilemma.
: Thursday 2nd July 2009 BBC Radio 4 14:15 to 15:00
: Afternoon Play: Torchwood - Golden Age
: by James Goss.
: The Torchwood team are led to Delhi on the trail of a
: dangerous energy field. As the field grows, they witness
: the simultaneous disappearance of hundreds of people. Jack
: discovers that the field centres on an old colonial
: mansion, Torchwood India. Shocked to find that Torchwood
: India is still going strong after he shut it down himself
: over 80 years ago, he is even more surprised to find that
: its members, including his old flame the Duchess, haven't
: aged a day.
: Friday 3rd July 2009 BBC Radio 4 14:15 to 15:00
: Afternoon Play: Torchwood - The Dead Line
: by Phil Ford.
: When a Cardiff hospital is inundated with patients who
: have fallen into coma -like trances, Torchwood move in to
: investigate. The trances appear to have been triggered by
: phone calls, all received on retro phones and made from a
: number that hadn't been active for over 30 years.
: Determined to find out who has been calling the
: unfortunate victims, Jack rings the mysterious number, but
: the line is dead. But then it calls Jack back.
: : You know, I do that everytime I mention Children of Earth
: : - I call it Children of Men.
: :
: : I did a little hunt online and mid June was mentioned for
: : COE but obviously that isn't correct. As you say, mid July
: : seems likely especially with the US air dates.

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