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Subject:Re: New Companion Cast!
Posted by:Darrell P
Posted at:12:04:18pm 31/05/2009
In reply to:New Companion Cast! - userPaul Scoones (12:20:33am 30/05/2009)

Matt and Karen make a nice looking and fresh faced team. I guess in a few weeks time we will see them in costume with Series 5 starting full steam ahead now.


: The new companion joining the Doctor in Series 5 will be
: played by Karen Gillan.
: She has previously appeared in Doctor Who, as 'Soothsayer'
: in 'The Fires of Pompeii'.
: Karen follows in the footsteps of Freema Agyeman and
: Catherine Tate, both of whom first appeared in one-off
: roles in the series, prior to being offered a regular part
: as the companion.
: Paul

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