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Subject:Re: TARDIS Tales
Posted by:Adam McGechan
Posted at:05:41:31pm 11/05/2007
In reply to:Re: TARDIS Tales - Peter A (11:11:36am 11/05/2007)

TARDIS Tales will be returning to TSV with issue 75.



: You may be interested in the fanzine 'Reverse The
: Polarity!' which has been conducting an overview of the
: TARDIS Tales comic strips both inside TSV and outside (it
: was revisited, or rather its characters were, in several
: formats in RTP! as well as its predecessor Telos in the
: 1990s). The link for RTP! is to the left on this screen,
: and the next issue will be out shortly.
: A new compilation may be forthcoming; as to whether this
: will be through TSV or RTP remains unclear.

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