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Subject:Re: Torchwood Series One for sale
Posted by:Edwin
Posted at:06:26:08pm 01/09/2008
In reply to:Re: Torchwood Series One for sale - userJamas Enright (10:38:19pm 29/08/2008)

: : Um, don't know what NZ retail will be once it's out here,
: : but I got it for (I think!) AU$110 -selling for a couple
: Now we know. Retail price will be $120, but available when
: it comes out at $100.
: Cheers,
: Jamas has this box set for 17.97 pounds plus postage for a brand new set. Thats about NZD$38 plus postage. Postage would be no more than $10 to $15. I guess they had a glut of them they couldn't sell.


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