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Subject:Re: Sarah Jane Adventures Series Three (some spoilers - creatures/actors)
Posted by:userFoo
Posted at:09:43:37pm 27/06/2009
In reply to:Re: Sarah Jane Adventures Series Three (some spoilers - creatures/actors) - userJon Preddle (11:43:13am 27/06/2009)

Oooh, was it a psychic magic marker that the Doctor used in City of Death?

I really have to watch the SJA's...I have seen a little of the Invasion of the Bane and showed the first episode of series one with the Slitheen to my two nieces...oh dear, I think I scared them a little as we didn't make it to episode two. I'm an evil man.

: : Taken from the latest DWM (410):
: :
: : Nigel Havers is guest starring as is Brian Miller (Lis
: : Sladen's husband).
: :
: : The Judoon will be appearing along with their enemies, the
: : reptilian Veil. There are also some creatures who want to
: : infect Earth with a strangely aggressive weed (shades of
: : The Underwater Menace?) Other stories involve a living
: : painting and a haunted house.
: Set reports from the "living painting" story (filmed at
: the same (fictional) International Gallery location that
: featured in 'Planet of the Dead') seem to indicate that
: the painting in question is none other than the Mona Lisa!