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Subject:Re: Sarah Jane Adventures Series Three (some spoilers - creatures/actors)
Posted by:userJon Preddle
Posted at:11:43:13am 27/06/2009
In reply to:Sarah Jane Adventures Series Three (some spoilers - creatures/actors) - userFoo (10:10:26am 27/06/2009)

: Taken from the latest DWM (410):
: Nigel Havers is guest starring as is Brian Miller (Lis
: Sladen's husband).
: The Judoon will be appearing along with their enemies, the
: reptilian Veil. There are also some creatures who want to
: infect Earth with a strangely aggressive weed (shades of
: The Underwater Menace?) Other stories involve a living
: painting and a haunted house.

Set reports from the "living painting" story (filmed at the same (fictional) International Gallery location that featured in 'Planet of the Dead') seem to indicate that the painting in question is none other than the Mona Lisa!

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