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Subject:Re: Ahhh, but David did it
Posted by:Peter A
Posted at:10:45:36pm 24/06/2009
In reply to:Re: Ahhh, but David did it - userPaul Scoones (10:19:23pm 24/06/2009)

: In case anyone's in any doubt - The Eleven Doctors most
: definitely isn't happening. It's a completely bogus
: rumour. This comes from the BBC, which even informed the
: Daily Mail prior to the item's publication that it wasn't
: true, but the newspaper decided to run with it anyway.
: Paul

Thanks Paul! And of course after this other media just ran the story rather than doing their own research. Modern news media depresses me sometimes, it really does.

Foo - David T certainly did pre-empt his 'official' debut, but both times he was on RTD's watch. I think the RTD/Moffat changeover makes a difference.