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Subject:Re: Ahhh, but David did it
Posted by:userPaul Scoones
Posted at:10:19:23pm 24/06/2009
In reply to:Re: Ahhh, but David did it - userFoo (09:53:29pm 24/06/2009)

In case anyone's in any doubt - The Eleven Doctors most definitely isn't happening. It's a completely bogus rumour. This comes from the BBC, which even informed the Daily Mail prior to the item's publication that it wasn't true, but the newspaper decided to run with it anyway.


: Peter - DT did it prior to his proper d├ębut. Hop for your
: life...
: I guess this may mean that the first episode of Matt
: Smith's may have him snoozing for half the episode if he
: is all tuckered out by his predecessors japes?
: : I hear Billy Hartnell was said to announce "I wish them
: : all the very best!"
: :
: : But seriously. Tom lives in France, Colin's not always
: : mentioned in the reports I've read, Paul has said he'd not
: : return to don that wig again and I haven't heard or read
: : anything to contradict the belief that Chris has very
: : firmly put that part of his career behind him.
: :
: : And if Matt Smith is part of next year's franchise then
: : who would want to 'spoil' the revelation of his character
: : in a supporting role within a small segment of a 15 minute
: : special under the auspices of the current producer and
: : well in advance of his official debut?
: :
: : I say phooey.

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