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Subject:Re: Well then. Eleven Doctors.
Posted by:userFoo
Posted at:09:45:50pm 24/06/2009
In reply to:Re: Well then. Eleven Doctors. - Peter A (04:15:22pm 24/06/2009)


I smell Children in Need.

: I hear Billy Hartnell was said to announce "I wish them
: all the very best!"
: But seriously. Tom lives in France, Colin's not always
: mentioned in the reports I've read, Paul has said he'd not
: return to don that wig again and I haven't heard or read
: anything to contradict the belief that Chris has very
: firmly put that part of his career behind him.
: And if Matt Smith is part of next year's franchise then
: who would want to 'spoil' the revelation of his character
: in a supporting role within a small segment of a 15 minute
: special under the auspices of the current producer and
: well in advance of his official debut?
: I say phooey.