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Subject:Re: Doctor Who Confidential Special on 27 June - ?????
Posted by:userFoo
Posted at:10:00:37pm 17/06/2009
In reply to:Re: Doctor Who Confidential Special on 27 June - ????? - usertheotherdave (09:37:10pm 16/06/2009)

I think that would be the best way to do a reveal of the Doctor and companion(s)? I seem to recall the confidential in the New Year got a record number of viewers and I'm guessing the BBC are having another crack of the whip.

: Ah, you may very well be right there, and that was a
: confidential that made a lot out of (albiet big news, but)
: very little actual footage
: :
: : Wasn't the Matt Smith revelation special around 25 mins?
: :
: : Cheers,
: : Jamas
: :