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Subject:Re: Doctor Who Confidential Special on 27 June - ?????
Posted by:usertheotherdave
Posted at:12:08:20pm 16/06/2009
In reply to:Doctor Who Confidential Special on 27 June - ????? - Jon Preddle (08:49:20am 16/06/2009)

Not much to fill the time if filming hasn't started (unless there is some other surprise revealed?) especially if is the usual (45 min?) format. (a retrospecive?)

: Apparently (i.e. it's a rumour!) there's going to be
: another DWC special - to screen pm Saturday 27 June
: (that's am Sunday 28 June for us) - which might be an
: introductory lead-in to the start of filming on series
: five (although that doesn't start until late July), and
: which could include the official reveal of the Doctor and
: companion's costumes...
: Jon

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