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Subject:Re: Torchwood Radio Plays - air date?
Posted by:userPaul Scoones
Posted at:10:42:49am 11/06/2009
In reply to:Torchwood Radio Plays - air date? - userFoo (10:27:15pm 10/06/2009)

: Does anyone know when the three forthcoming Torchwood
: radio plays will be airing? I understand it will be before
: Children of Men screens, but wondered if anyone had heard
: anything.

You mean 'Children of Earth', right? :)

I believe the reason that the radio play airdates haven't been announced yet is because these will be publicised in conjunction with Children of Earth, and the UK dates for the TV series are being kept under wraps at present. It's said however that the series will likely screen on the same dates in the UK and US, and the US dates are 20-24 July. So in that case expect the radio plays to most likely air mid-July.


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