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Subject:Doctor Who on Mastermind
Posted by:userPaul Scoones
Posted at:02:36:36pm 08/06/2009

'Doctor Who on Television in the 1970s' was the specialist topic on an edition of Mastermind broadcast in the UK last week. Here's the questions. Without looking anything up, how many can you answer correctly?

1. Which story, first broadcast in 1970 marked Jon Pertwee's debut as the Doctor?

2. In the first Tom Baker story 'Robot', which actor played Surgeon Lieutenant Harry Sullivan who treats the Doctor following his regeneration and becomes his regular companion or a time?

3. The Doctor returns to Gallifrey as President Elect of the Time Lords in a story first shown in 1978. What's its title?

4. The TARDIS materialises on board a ship at the beginning of 'Carnival of Monsers'. What's the name of the vessel?

5. In which story do the Doctor and his companion Jo Grant neutralise the vast Dalek army in suspended animation on the planet Spiridon?

6. In the Pirate Planet what is the full name of the Captain's robot parrot that K-9 fights and destroys?

7. During the production of 'Inferno' which Director collapsed with heart problems leaving the Producer to complete the filming?

8. In which picturesque Wiltshire village was the filming of the heat barrier sequence in the 1971 story the Daemons hampered by a late snowfall?

9. In 'The Curse of Peladon' what is the name of the royal beast to whom the Doctor sings a Venusian lullaby to the tune of 'God Rest You Merry Gantlemen'?

10. The future Blue Peter presenter Janet Ellis starred in a retelling of the Minotaur story called 'The Horns of Nimon', on which planet are youths from Aneth being ceremoniously sacrificed?

11. In 'The Three Doctors' Jon Pertwee, Patrick Troughton and William Hartnell all join forces to combat which solar engineer who threatens to destroy the universe?

12. What's the name of the actress who provided the voice of the Queen in the 1974 adventure 'Planet of the Spiders'?

13. Sarah-Jane Smith leaves in 'The Hand of Fear' and new companion Leela does not appear until the 'The Face of Evil'. In which episode sandwiched between these two does the Doctor have a very rare 'solo' adventure?

14. What's the name of the mad surgeon played by Philip Madoc who sets about creating a body to house the brain of the Time Lord criminal Morbius?

15. Filming for 'The Pyramids of Mars' and which other story took place on Mick Jagger's Stargroves Estate?

16. Who is credited with creating Tom Baker's distinctive costume and also arranged for the knitting of his unusually long scarf?

Answers below... (after some spoiler space)

The answers:
1. Spearhead from Space
2. Ian Marter
3. The Invasion of Time
4. SS Bernice
5. Planet of the Daleks
6. Polyphase Avitron
7. Douglas Camfield
8. Aldourne
9. Aggedor
10. Skonnos
11. Omega
12. Kismet Delgado
13. The Deadly Assassin
14. Solon
15. Image of the Fendahl
16. James Acheson

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