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Subject:Re: 11th Doctor costume press release tomorrow?
Posted by:userPaul Scoones
Posted at:11:42:50pm 06/06/2009
In reply to:Re: 11th Doctor costume press release tomorrow? - userFoo (08:09:20am 06/06/2009)

Still waiting to see this new costume, guys! :)

: Hey, they have changed it. I was looking at that site only
: a few hours ago and it didn't have that.
: : I will be midnight Friday/Saturday (UK time) as usual,
: : which is a much more polite time for us in NZ! I remember
: : waiting up for Tennent's announcement as the 10th Doctor
: : in the UK - a mixture of excitement, tiredness and
: : anticlimax in a way, since it was pretty well known
: : suspected had the role beforehand.
: :
: : The BBC website has changed to Karen Gillan as the main
: : picture, so perhaps something is in the works?
: :
: : Darrell.

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