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Subject:Re: "Is Dr Who Losing It?" - Stuff
Posted by:userFoo
Posted at:07:55:39pm 03/06/2009
In reply to:Re: "Is Dr Who Losing It?" - Stuff - userAlden Bates (05:57:15pm 03/06/2009)

Smarmy, know-all tosser indeed...

Wasn't Tennant relatively unknown when he took over in much the same way as Smith is? I know Tennant had been in Blackpool and Casanova but apart from that his roles weren't big ones.

I feel like I want to post a comment, but why raise to the bait. I have to agree with Jane Clifton to some degree - the episode wasn't that great.

: :
: : Dr-Who-may-take-turn-for-the-worse
: I saw that in the Dom Post this morning. Jane Bowron's
: surprise over the Doctor snogging the guest star is odd -
: has she seen the last four years of Doctor Who? :)
: Alden