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Subject:Re: Planet of the Dead on Prime
Posted by:userPaul Scoones
Posted at:10:36:42am 01/06/2009
In reply to:Re: Planet of the Dead on Prime - Jon Preddle (04:24:16pm 15/05/2009)

A reminder that the latest Doctor Who episode, Planet of the Dead, screens here in New Zealand on Prime TV tonight, at 8.30pm.


: : Mark your calendars! The latest Doctor Who special 'Planet
: : of the Dead' will receive its first New Zealand screening,
: : on Prime TV, Monday 1 June at 8:30pm.
: :
: : Paul
: For those keeping track, that's only 51 days after the UK
: screening, which places this New Series episode into the
: lead position in terms of the amount of time between UK
: and NZ screenings. Previously it was Journey's End, which
: was 85 days...
: Jon