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Subject:Re: Special Who plans later in the year...(possible spoilers if you follow link)
Posted by:userFoo
Posted at:02:15:31am 27/05/2009
In reply to:Re: Tennant's last week - userFoo (03:05:35am 21/05/2009)

Ahhhh, so this is what ol' Rusty was talking about... (see link below)

: Damn, I saw the Guardian newspaper on Saturday with a
: picture from recent filming. I had been trying to avoid
: big spoilers, but hard to do when it is right in front of
: you!
: On another note - RTD is supposedly planning something
: special for later in the year? Anyone have ideas on what
: this might be? I was thinking some special web content or
: perhaps a mini special in the style of CIN or Red Nose
: Day.
: I see John Barrowman is appearing in a mini 'special'
: episode with a Who fan competition winner this Saturday.
: :
: : I think there will be a flurry of publicity activity next
: : month as things start to gear up for the arrival of Mr
: : Smith and friend/s in Cardiff.
: :
: : It wasn't until the end of May 2007 that the writers for
: : series 4 were revealed in DWM. Presumably the next DWM
: : (out next week) or the one after will start revealing the
: : first names... (betcha Roberts, Gatiss and Cornell are
: : returning...)
: :
: : As for the companion, the bubble has burst on the Gillian
: : Anderson rumour, but I reckon the announcement is drawing
: : closer...

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