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Subject:Re: Matt Smith was maybe not the first choice!
Posted by:Number36
Posted at:03:12:40pm 25/04/2009
In reply to:Matt Smith was maybe not the first choice! - Darrell (09:24:41am 15/01/2009)

: See link to story in the Daily Star below.

er... the person who wrote that article doesn't seem to know very much about the history of black people in Britain; See link.

And frankly the whole story reeks a bit of being entirely made-up anyway, it doesn't even bother to try and back up any of it's assertions or even really define who it's accusing of this, 'Key executives', hm? and 'sources say'... riiiiight. Apparently these Key executives must have offered the roll to these people before Moffat even started casting, and would have just told him who he had to cast if they'd accepted, cos that's how it works of course.

Also amusing that his objection over the lack of historical accuracy in The Next Doctor was about the perfectly plausible presence of Rosita, and not say the giant Robot stomping through London, inter-dimensional Cybermen invaders, and the time traveling Alien in a hot air balloon.

Even more funny if you consider that an issue when considering the historical accuracy of something like Merlin, because you know, the magic, dragons, wizards, King Arthur, etc are all perfectly historical accurate, but black people, Sorry that just destroys all suspension of disbelieve pft :>

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