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Subject:Re: Doctor Who New Series Book: The Prisoner of the Daleks: By Nathan Mullins
Posted by:Darrell P
Posted at:12:45:50pm 21/04/2009
In reply to:Doctor Who New Series Book: The Prisoner of the Daleks: By Nathan Mullins - Nathan Mullins (11:14:06pm 19/04/2009)

Nice review Nathan! I didn't even know this was out in NZ. When you read the others, do write another for us please!


: Prisoner of the Daleks: BY Nathan Mullins
: I yesterday bought a new Doctor Who book called Prisoner
: of the Daleks. I read it in a day, and was such an
: entertaining read. It kept me glued to what was going on,
: and thats down to the writer alone. The characters
: throughout are superb, all fully rounded, with every inch
: of a possibly enetertaining backstory. A new Dalek has
: been drawn up, and sounds splendid. It has a very
: meancing feel to its character. The Doctors persona is
: exactly as what we have only recently seen on television.
: The scenes set throughout are both terribly realistic- in
: a good way, and are all engaging and moving. The book, as
: it stands, is just like a quick read, in the sense that,
: it does not take long to read, because of the excitement
: drawn from the book.
: Unlike the other two books, I have not read them- yet.
: However, the Daleks have always been the number one foe
: that Doctor has always defeated. Seeing them in this
: book, alonside another unknown Dalek, is just superb, and
: every Dalek has its own very dark feel. This book could
: easily be made into an episode.
: The author of this novel- Trever Baxendale is a superb
: writer. There are very few authors who make me want to
: read a book all the way through for a whole 5 or 6 hours,
: but thats down to my love of the characters, the plot, the
: excitement, the Doctor and even the small nods to the
: past. Prisoner of the Daleks is a superb Dr Who book, and
: should be read in the time we have before the tenth Doctor
: regenerates. The Doctor in this book, is easily
: identifyable to the one who has only recently starred in
: Planet of the Dead. Serious at time, when in others is
: often quite happy to joke and have a laugh. My verdict is
: 10/10.