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Subject:Doctor Who New Series Book: The Prisoner of the Daleks: By Nathan Mullins
Posted by:Nathan Mullins
Posted at:11:14:06pm 19/04/2009

Prisoner of the Daleks: BY Nathan Mullins

I yesterday bought a new Doctor Who book called Prisoner of the Daleks. I read it in a day, and was such an entertaining read. It kept me glued to what was going on, and thats down to the writer alone. The characters throughout are superb, all fully rounded, with every inch of a possibly enetertaining backstory. A new Dalek has been drawn up, and sounds splendid. It has a very meancing feel to its character. The Doctors persona is exactly as what we have only recently seen on television.

The scenes set throughout are both terribly realistic- in a good way, and are all engaging and moving. The book, as it stands, is just like a quick read, in the sense that, it does not take long to read, because of the excitement drawn from the book.

Unlike the other two books, I have not read them- yet. However, the Daleks have always been the number one foe that Doctor has always defeated. Seeing them in this book, alonside another unknown Dalek, is just superb, and every Dalek has its own very dark feel. This book could easily be made into an episode.

The author of this novel- Trever Baxendale is a superb writer. There are very few authors who make me want to read a book all the way through for a whole 5 or 6 hours, but thats down to my love of the characters, the plot, the excitement, the Doctor and even the small nods to the past. Prisoner of the Daleks is a superb Dr Who book, and should be read in the time we have before the tenth Doctor regenerates. The Doctor in this book, is easily identifyable to the one who has only recently starred in Planet of the Dead. Serious at time, when in others is often quite happy to joke and have a laugh. My verdict is 10/10.

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