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Subject:Re: Matt Smith was maybe not the first choice!
Posted by:Darrell
Posted at:09:56:46pm 18/01/2009
In reply to:Re: Matt Smith was maybe not the first choice! - userFoo (06:47:41am 16/01/2009)

I've been in the UK over Christmas and New Year too, and compared to two years ago, I reckon DW has lost some exposure in the best places in toy stores. Toys-R-Us had a smaller section than two years ago. Though it was near impossible to find a Dalek for my 2 year old daughter - it took alot of risearching to get one before and then after Christmas especially. So perhaps one explanation is that it is sooooo popular now, that it doesn't need the premier places in the toy stores to sell anymore - it sells out anyway.

BTW - the deals on Series 1 - 3 toys in Toys-R-Us was exceptional - only a few quid per figure and the TARDIS play set for more than half price!


: No bubble bursting here :-) ...although, post Christmas I
: have seen a lot of unsold Who merchandise going a bit
: cheaper in some of the supermarkets over here - Dalek
: helmets for £29 (down from £39) and Dalek bubble bath
: for £2 when it was selling for £ hundreds of the
: Doctor Who micro machine toys all at half price. Lots of
: goodies for the compulsive collector!
: :
: : I suspect that any actor given the role now and in the
: : future would have to commit and be contracted for at least
: : 3-4 years, which is probably why Ejiofor and Joseph said
: : 'no'.
: :
: :
: : That seems to be the plan. Depends on whether the bubble
: : doesn't burst before then... Though I'd like to see DW
: : still going for its 50th anniversary in 2013.
: :
: : Jon

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