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Subject:Re: Matt Smith was maybe not the first choice!
Posted by:userFoo
Posted at:06:47:41am 16/01/2009
In reply to:Re: Matt Smith was maybe not the first choice! - userJon Preddle (06:35:45am 16/01/2009)

No bubble bursting here :-) ...although, post Christmas I have seen a lot of unsold Who merchandise going a bit cheaper in some of the supermarkets over here - Dalek helmets for £29 (down from £39) and Dalek bubble bath for £2 when it was selling for £ hundreds of the Doctor Who micro machine toys all at half price. Lots of goodies for the compulsive collector!

: : Interesting to see "...and will stay in the show for three
: : series – or at least five years. "
: I suspect that any actor given the role now and in the
: future would have to commit and be contracted for at least
: 3-4 years, which is probably why Ejiofor and Joseph said
: 'no'.
: : I wonder if that means they will look at spinning out
: : three series over a five year period or if they will do
: : three series and then have a 'gap year' like they are
: : doing at the moment.
: That seems to be the plan. Depends on whether the bubble
: doesn't burst before then... Though I'd like to see DW
: still going for its 50th anniversary in 2013.
: Jon

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