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Subject:Re: Torchwood forthcoming audio (spoilers)
Posted by:userFoo
Posted at:05:02:02pm 28/04/2008
In reply to:Re: Torchwood finale, questions and forthcoming audio (spoilers) - userJamas Enright (10:34:22am 28/04/2008)

Yeah, there is a Torchwood audio coming out. The buzz around it was that it was going to be set during season 2, but it has been revealed (a week or two ago) that it is set post series 2.

Below from TorchwoodTV (in turn from Torchwood magazine)

"The latest issue of Torchwood Magazine is out across the UK today (a full preview of it will follow either tonight, or tomorrow morning) and it breaks the news that the forthcoming Radio 4 Torchwood audio adventure will be set post-season two! So, alas, they'll be no Owen or Toshiko - but the special 45 minute story will feature Freema Agyeman, again reprising her role as Martha Jones! Apparently Martha hears about the death of Owen & Tosh, and decides the team should get away from Cardiff for a little while - and investigate strange goings on at the CERN laboratory. Bring it on!

Expect the episode sometime in either June, or July."

: : Well, I watched the finale of Torchwood over the weekend.
: I'm currently rewatching series one on DVD! (after reading
: the books).
: : rub. I’m actually reading the first series of Torchwood
: : books that came out last year and finding it a little
: : tricky as I keep thinking ‘you’re going to die’.
: : Wish I had read them before I knew that.
: I thought I was going to feel that, but I didn't (mainly
: because the books just aren't that well written).
: : A quick question:
: :
: : Can someone jog my memory as to when the Torchwood crew
: : find out that Jack can’t die? (yeah, I know Gwen finds
: : out in the first episode but what about the others).
: From memory, End of Days (last ep of series one).
: : Secondly, any takers to the theory that Owen isn’t
: : actually dead? How long would it take for his body to
: : actually decay? On second thoughts, let’s face
: : it…he’s gone (and about time too I hear the Owen
: : haters cry).
: Yeah, he's currently radioactive, but not sure if he got
: hit by toxic sludge as well, but if that so he would have
: been blasted apart.
: : The Torchwood (radio) audio due in June/July is set after
: : series 2 with Martha and the remaining Torchwood team
: : going to CERN in Switzerland to investigate funny goings
: : on. Could be worth a listen and as a radio broadcast will
: : be free.
: Ur? Haven't heard anything about that...
: Cheers,
: Jamas