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Subject:Re: Torchwood finale, questions and forthcoming audio (spoilers)
Posted by:Jon Preddle
Posted at:12:53:11pm 28/04/2008
In reply to:Re: Torchwood finale, questions and forthcoming audio (spoilers) - userJamas Enright (10:34:22am 28/04/2008)

: : Secondly, any takers to the theory that Owen isn’t
: : actually dead? How long would it take for his body to
: : actually decay? On second thoughts, let’s face
: : it…he’s gone (and about time too I hear the Owen
: : haters cry).
: Yeah, he's currently radioactive, but not sure if he got
: hit by toxic sludge as well, but if that so he would have
: been blasted apart.

Owen was caught in the flood of radioactive water, not an explosion, so his body isn't blasted apart. He says his body will disintegrate / decompose before his eyes. If I were him, I'd hope my eyes were the first to go!